The best business ideas for stores and franchises

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Business ideas for Store

A store is a business idea or a commercial establishment  to sell any  kind of products, goods or services  that are in demand on a determined market in exchange for money. 

In general, the stores are served by a staff that is trained in the knowledge of the products that are marketed and in customer service. Usually there is a space where the items are taken for de checking and payment of employees that  work behind a counter that separate the products from potential buyers. 

There are, however, different types of stores, for example,  in the self-service stores, customers choose the products, and take them to the place of payment.

A shopping center is an establishment that cover many stores. Thus,  there are stores that, due to the popularity of its brand or its importance, manage to attract the public to the site, they are  called the anchor stores.

The departmental stores, on the other hand, are those that sell a wide range of products, allowing people to cover diverse consumption needs.

Recently there are the online store, considered one of the main sources of income on the Internet worldwide, in which it is possible to sell and buy practically any kind of product or service. 

On the other hand,  it is important to distinguish between  stores that allow all their users to post offers like eBay, and those that impose certain restrictions, such as Steam.

Store Idea

One of the best ways to develop profitable store is to locate it  close to potential consumers and the malls seems to be the best option. The trends in different countries in the world is the building and adaptation of modern shopping centers based on  the style of life of the city and customers. 

There are many styles, forms and types of shopping centers that can be exploited by entrepreneurs if the business strategy is carefully considered. For not always a shopping mall is a warranty of success for a store. 

But if you make a difference you can stand out among the hundreds of stores that share the same space. So, you must study previously the market and the product you offer before opening a store. 

Ideas for Online Store

Two of the great ideas for stores online is that they should be very competitive in prices and the attention they give to  clients, both before buying  and in the after sale service.  It is also very important  the quality review carried out in each of the shipments and the personalized treatment for each client. 

Here in there are some ideas that could help you with your online store: 

Look for an original product 

You must offer a product that has no competition, so it will prevent you from competing for price. Take care of the packaging and also use a bit  sense of humor, for this is a good way to connect with your customers.

Take care of  customer service 

Keep in mind that ecommerce is still not very well developed in many countries and there is a great barrier for customers to buy through the Internet. 

So, it is very necessary to have a personal customer service proactive, with listening ability and know how to connect with the potential customer, which will increase the sales of your online store.

Take care of the design and be different

It is very important for an ecommerce to have a careful design, an exquisite selection of products and to demonstrate one of the basics of online commerce,  that you are different.

Gain the loyalty to your client 

Take great care of registered users and treat them preferentially, thus, it is less expensive to sell to customers for various times, than to look for new customers every day.

Turn your clients into believers 

It is vital for the growth of the project of the online store, to create a community in social networks on Facebook. This provides to turn some customers into true fans and believers of the products sold on your website

Usability and simplicity of navigation 

These are one of the keys of the online stores.  The design of the ecommerce should be very carefully treated the usability and navigation must be simple, for these are also keys to the sale of products, so the artist has to create numbered and limited editions. 

Sheets of products must be elaborated 

The product sheets should contain information on the cost of shipping, use of the item, quality photographs, permanent control of stock, products in storage and management of virtual warehouses. These are some of the main competitive advantages of the online store that you should apply to your own project.

Shoot to a micronicho 

Select products that could  not be found in another online store. Exclusivity and focus on a very specific niche is one of the keys to your success.

Make buying ease

One of the great advantages offered by electronic commerce to its customers is the facility  with which they can calculate shipping (better free shipping),  and pay at the online store.

Have Knowledge of your client 

One of the main guarantees of success for your online store, is to know exactly the type of customer that your product demands. Also, you should find out what are the behavior guidelines that your target audience follows to connect with similar products to the ones you offer.

Online Store

There are a diverse factors that could determined an online store, for each store  is committed on attending its public and future clients. So here are some specific elements that must be present on the website of an online store that will give you better relationship with the consumer and that will motivate at the end, making a purchase.

The best business ideas for stores and franchises

The Slider

This figure on the main page of your online store is a way to attract future buyers and make them interested in the products you offer on your page. In the slider, you can use any method  to enhance a relationship between you and customers. 

For example, a good tactic that is seen in the slider of many websites, are the discounts and other advantages, which is a striking slider, with large and colorful letters that also offers products for much less money.

Menu with categories

Many times people enter the web of a store to look at a specific article or within a certain category, for example, beauty and health articles and so on. Therefore, menu should  be divided into different categories or sections, to help customers to find in a very ease way  what they are looking for and thanks to this simple process, people will end up buying the product you have online.

Search space

This space is very important one, for should allow the customer to get exactly the product that is looking for.  Avoiding that you overwhelm the customer having to scroll several times and never getting what is looking for. Not even remember which section it was in, whether there are bargains or not, this season or the last one.

That’s why the space of the search  online store, must fulfill the function, that is to help the customer to find a product quickly, just by typing some keywords to get the product wanted.

The Description Text

The descriptive text of the company in the home page, provides users with a security and confidence needed to arrive at the online purchasing section. This space should be in a visible area on ​​the homepage, where the client can see the company description, services and product offers, including some contact information such as an email or a telephone in case the client would like a contact with the company. 

Payment Methods

Another element that every company should have on its website is the information on the payment methods that can be used when obtaining a product. This issue is linked to the previous one since  both of them, offer the user the necessary confidence to continuo with the purchase. 

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